Papa's Pilar 4-Pack Tasting Gift Set

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Discover Papa's Pilar Rum with a virtual tasting experience. Papa's Pilar 4-Pack Tasting Gift Set includes four ultra-premium handheld 100ml rum expressions including Papa's Pilar Blonde, Dark, Sherry-Finished and Bourbon Barrel Finished rum in an exclusive gift box. The Gift Set includes a Tasting Mat and a QR code leading to a virtual tasting experience that takes place right out of our Distillery in the heart and soul of Key West, FL. Sip Papa's Pilar while learning about the brand history, how our rum is made and how to highlight each expression within signature cocktails. Limited Edition Gift Set, available online only and while supplies last!


  • Papa's Pilar Blonde Rum, 100ml
  • Papa's Pilar Dark Rum, 100ml
  • Papa's Pilar Sherry-Finished Rum, 100ml
  • Papa's Pilar Bourbon Barrel Finished Rum, 100ml
  • Tasting Mat with QR Code linking to Virtual Tasting Video Experience

Papa’s Pilar introductory coupons are not valid with Tasting Gift Set.

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